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How do I start making this garden usable?

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MsSampson Thu 25-Jun-15 16:49:03

We've just moved into a do-er upper. The entire house needs a huge amount of work, some of which will require a reasonable amount of building, including knocking down a conservatory and rebuilding so it forms a proper part of the existing extension.

Anyway, the garden is basically just a wasteland. The "lawn" is incredibly bumpy, and has a few sizeable holes. The area at the end to the left of the shed is a very old cracked concrete patio. The fences are crappy and badly fitted and sway in the lightest of breezes as well as looking a bit hideous. The shed is usable just, apart from the bottom half of the door not being there (one of the many joys we discovered on moving in!)

I figured we would wait until the building work was finished before starting the garden, based on the idea the builders might trash the garden. But it would be nice to be able to at least go outside this summer (2 DC, DD is 3, DS is 8months). At the moment the bumpy ground means we can't mow properly, and even if we could it's not really suitable for such small children.

Is there anything I could do short term that wouldn't cost a fortune? Or are there things I could do that would be longer term, that wouldn't necessarily be ruined by building work? I don't mind spending a bit of money, I just don't want any work to be undone next summer.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

RoganJosh Thu 25-Jun-15 18:27:18

I would replace the fences and sort out the lawn. If you level the lawn (dig up any bumps, fill and holes with topsoil) then you can seed it and it'll be usable in a few weeks.
You may well need to reseed or turf the lawn after building work, so that's why I'm thinking seed as it's cheap so won't be as painful as paying for turf twice.

MsSampson Fri 26-Jun-15 05:05:33

Thanks Roganjosh. What would you recommend for the fence?
And do you think the lawn is something we could easily do ourselves or would it be worth having someone in?

Qwebec Sun 28-Jun-15 04:30:36

We did what Rogan suggested after buiders recked our lawn. With a rake shovels and good earth it is not difficult but hard work. Try it yourself you will see if you can handle it (probably). If you expect builders why not simply add earth here and there to make the lawn acceptably flat and see about getting the perfect job done later?

I know nothing about fences, I'd get a chain link fence and cover it with climbing vines, but you might neet to look around to find what suits you.

echt Sun 28-Jun-15 04:39:54

Your fences should be good ones, do not stint. Try panel fencing you can slide into grooved concrete posts - the latter will be the bit that costs money, but they last years and years. You can then ring the changes on lap panels and trellis.

Posts should all be 6 feet.

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