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What is this on our tree?

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Paddingtonthebear Thu 18-Jun-15 13:45:11

We have a fruit tree, I think it's a plum tree. The leaves are covered in black sticky insects. See pics. Any ideas what it is, if it's bad and how to get rid of it? Thanks!

Paddingtonthebear Thu 18-Jun-15 14:19:54


Paddingtonthebear Thu 18-Jun-15 14:21:01


shovetheholly Thu 18-Jun-15 15:02:36

Looks like blackfly (though scale is hard to judge). Have a look at this thread

Paddingtonthebear Thu 18-Jun-15 15:26:42

Another pic with fruit for scale

Paddingtonthebear Thu 18-Jun-15 15:27:52


shovetheholly Thu 18-Jun-15 15:30:34

Yep, until a true professional comes along and says different, I'm gonna say that's black aphids (blackfly).

Paddingtonthebear Thu 18-Jun-15 15:34:03

Is it bad? The fruit is dropping on the grass and I am worried if my toddler eats it

Mrsmorton Thu 18-Jun-15 15:38:35

Fruit trees always drop fruit in June. I think it's their way of not over burdening themselves. The black flies aren't especially harmful but unripe pears mightn't be too pleasant!!

Paddingtonthebear Thu 18-Jun-15 15:42:21

I think they are plums. Have told her not to eat them. The black dead bugs on the leaves look awful. If the tree is still ok though and not harmful then I guess I just leave it?

shovetheholly Thu 18-Jun-15 15:51:05

^^ that link I posted above has some suggestions about what to do if you do want to take action! wink

Paddingtonthebear Thu 18-Jun-15 15:56:02

Sorry didn't see the link before! Thanks!

MissPenelopeLumawoo2 Fri 19-Jun-15 22:31:15

From the picture the fruit looks like cherries, although it is hard to get the scale so they may not be as small as they look.

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