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What is this creature?

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krisskross Tue 16-Jun-15 13:26:22

Saw in London on way to school today. Approx 2.5 inches long including terrifying pincers.

Surely not native to UK?

LaurieFairyCake Tue 16-Jun-15 13:27:19

It's a stag beetle

Rare and protected

LaurieFairyCake Tue 16-Jun-15 13:27:40

Yes, native

Branleuse Tue 16-Jun-15 13:28:50

stag beetle. Protected species. Theyre brilliant.

SomewhereIBelong Tue 16-Jun-15 13:28:51

is a stag beetle - the UK's biggest beetle - and it is endangered, so you are lucky to see one!

ThumbWitchesAbroad Tue 16-Jun-15 13:29:50

Stag beetle, yes. My friend used to have those in her garden, the red and black ones as opposed to just black.

Males look more scary than females but IME are less troublesome - the females can nip you. Got one caught in my hair when I was young - scared me stupid!

Haven't seen many around in latter years, probably why they're protected!

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 16-Jun-15 13:31:47

wow what a find smile

TheSpottedZebra Tue 16-Jun-15 13:33:34

Gosh, I've not seen one of those in decades!

krisskross Tue 16-Jun-15 14:06:14

Wow, I knew I could tell on mumsnet. DC will be delighted to know I've identified it. Was all I could do to stop DS picking it it male or female? Thanks all!!

WowOoo Tue 16-Jun-15 17:31:21

On Countryfile the other day they said to report sightings as they are so rare these days.
Lucky you!


springbabydays Tue 16-Jun-15 20:19:46

It's male. Yes please report the sighting as a pp suggested.

krisskross Tue 16-Jun-15 22:59:06

Thank you both. I've logged it on the website.... Wish I'd taken more notice now!

Sallyingforth Tue 16-Jun-15 23:04:46

You're very lucky to have seen that, OP smile
It's good that you took the photo because you may never see one again. I've only ever seen one.

Ferguson Tue 16-Jun-15 23:51:11

I think the recent Springwatch series did a feature on them.

Adarajames Tue 16-Jun-15 23:59:48

Lucky you! I live in area meant be high in their numbers but yet to see one and even built them their own beetle hotel in hopes of it! Must be good year for them though as my sister saw one yesterday as well when years have gone when no one I know has seen one

GerundTheBehemoth Wed 17-Jun-15 00:02:31

Wonderful stag beetle. I found one standing in the middle of a path the other week - I picked it up and moved it somewhere safer. Never held such a hefty beetle before, it was brilliant smile

ClearEyesFullHearts Wed 17-Jun-15 00:02:59

I care not a jot for nature but find this oddly thrilling.

YAsoNBU Wed 17-Jun-15 00:11:48

Although rare nationally they can be locally common. We live in such an area and see them every year. A few years ago we had a 'plague' one warm evening, I gave up counting after 30 and retired to safety inside - they are very ungainly in flight!

Sallyingforth Wed 17-Jun-15 10:05:45

Yes very ungainly, but the one that flew very close to me made a strange whirring sound. Wish I'd seen that TV programme.

bialystockandbloom Wed 17-Jun-15 10:11:35

Not feeling the love for stag beetles here. We get loads in our garden every summer, they ruin it for me. Massive clumsy repulsive things whirring at head height right outside our door (when they have the whole garden to use). I certainly don't feel lucky!

OnlyLovers Wed 17-Jun-15 10:15:44

It's splendid! I thought I'd seen them before, but reading here about how they're rare has made me doubt myself. Are there lesser/mini stag beetles too? confused

SaulGood Wed 17-Jun-15 10:20:52

OnlyLovers, probably a lesser stag beetle you're seeing. It's a more common cousin of the big, rare ones.

I see them around quite a lot in the local woods.

Buglife Wed 17-Jun-15 10:22:36

I've seen a few around here (North Essex) in the last few years though usually dead. I saw a live one trying to crawl up my fence but fell down because it's massive. It was a bit staggery so I must only see them dead or dying.

OnlyLovers Wed 17-Jun-15 10:27:47

Saul, I was being facetious grin but it's nice to hear that I'm seeing SOME kind of stag beetle, even if it's not the Big Man.

I live in London though and don't get out to the woods much. The ones I've seen have been in my garden, which is fairly urban.

SaulGood Wed 17-Jun-15 10:33:09

I was confused by the confused face. I thought you were confused. grin

Lesser stag beetles often wander around gardens. I live in an urban area and found one on my washing last week. Him and his mate, an earwig, were trying to hide in dd's sleeve.

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