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Anyone tried the "Grow for flavour" tips?

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slightlyeggstained Sun 07-Jun-15 12:33:08

Skimmed this book in Waterstones yesterday - has anyone tried any of the tips, and if so, how did they work?

Thinking that the aspirin spray sounds relatively low effort, then there was something about molasses feed but I can't remember what veg you use it for. And I have everything in growbags this year so that's already a non-starter for the tomatoes according to James.

slightlyeggstained Sun 07-Jun-15 12:34:04

funnyperson Sun 07-Jun-15 14:04:47

I heard his talk on this at the rhs which was convincing and came away with the idea there was a particular variety of blueberry better than all the others but cant remember which one, didnt buy the book, and have done nothing about it. I might buy some red plastic if I grow tomatoes.

slightlyeggstained Mon 08-Jun-15 00:33:49

I rather liked the idea that less effort in feeding and watering was a good thing! <lazy gardener>

Had a look, think the blueberries are Rubel - the description of fire red autumn leaves sounds pretty attractive too.

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