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My small vegetable patch

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BuddingGardener Sun 07-Jun-15 08:53:56

Hi I have a very small vegetable patch which I just planted recently, before that I had flowers and bulbs in the ground. I lifted these before putting in the potatoes and beetroot but as you can see I have missed some of the bulbs which are now starting to sprout.
What should I do? I realise that it's a very small bit of ground and after I harvest I am going to put in fruit and make it a fruit patch.
What would be best to do with the bulbs that are sprouting?
It is south facing so gets a lot of sun, what fruits are easy to grow? Do all fruits need protection from birds and beasties or are some better than others? I was thinking raspberrys and something else don't know what.
How many fruit plants could I plant in this space?

shovetheholly Mon 08-Jun-15 09:05:36

Awwwww! What a cute plot!

Can you just earth up the bulbs and put them in a pot to enjoy elsewhere? With a bit of water, they should be OK.

It's quite a small space for fruit - things like raspberries are a bit big and unruly and I fear they would just take over a bit. What about container varieties - things like blueberries, patio fruit trees, salad leaves from seed - that you can put in pots around the sides, wherever you have space?

Come winter, you could do a fanned apple tree at the back of that plot, which would grow against the fence. If you have the climate (e.g. in London) you might even get away with a climber like a kiwi!

South-facing is also good for herbs, which are also happy in pots (perennials like rosemary, sage, annuals from seed like basil).

AlternativeTentacles Mon 08-Jun-15 09:09:57

Just leave the bulbs. They will have come and gone by the time the spuds are ready.

I'd not put a kiwi in - having seen how big they can get.

Raspberries are ok, just cut back or pull out the suckers. Put chives and herbs in front of them, and strawbs in front again. Rasps don't need staking, they grow sturdier if left to rock in the wind. Cut off any bits that grow in the way. Go for the thornless varieties. If you don't want rasps, black, red or white currants can also be grown with herbs and strawbs underneath. Gooseberries also, but they need more pruning and are spiky.

storybrooke Mon 08-Jun-15 10:05:26

Aww thats lovely smile I've started planting mostly fruit this year and raspberries are pretty hardy and good for a south facing garden (mine is too). I love the idea of raspberries, strawberries and herbs! I've planted 8 raspberry canes in a smaller area which are flowering just now (autumn bliss) so will fruit july/august and are so simple as they're the autumn variety you just cut all the canes back in November. The summer variety you have to cut the canes that have fruited back and leave the new canes for the next year so make sure you don't mix the two as you'll not know for sure which are which.

Have you looked at vertical gardening if space is an issue? Pinterest is great for inspiration, we've got mostly strawberries in pots going up the fence in a few places and I went past pound world yesterday and couldn't resist a look at their gardening section. There were stacking trio pots I was eyeing up on ebay for £1 each, so got 6, I'll be putting herbs in the bottom and more strawberries in the remaining 5, they take up barely any space. They also had huge pots ideal for grape vines/blackberry/blueberry bushes, you'd just need a trellis maybe (which they also had!).

Let us know what you decide, I'm finding everyones updates fascinating, in rl noone is interested at all so I'm the token geek who can't stay out of the garden centre grin

BuddingGardener Mon 08-Jun-15 19:09:35

Storybrooke you sound like me in RL no one is interested and I'm bursting with ideas.
Thank all for the advice it's only about 6 foot x 2 foot I have about 20 plants in pots on the patio DH is going mad. I like the sound of raspberrys at the back, herbs then strawberrys
Would I just need 1 raspberry bush or 2 or 3?
I'm in Scotland so weather is rubbish.
I've got strawberrys in a planter on the patio at the moment
I'm just waiting for DH to give in and let me use a bit of his grass for a Coldframe (he considers the grass his domain, I'm not allowed to mow it smile
Dobbies have one on legs for £40 or one that sits on the ground for £30
I was thinking the one on legs would be easier to access and I could put stuff under it, can you tell that space is precious?
It's been a nice day here garden is looking lovely. I'm going to make a coffee and sit outside for a while xxx

BuddingGardener Mon 08-Jun-15 19:13:54

Here is a picture of the rest of my garden, it's not very big smile

storybrooke Mon 08-Jun-15 19:34:43

I'm in Scotland too, although as near to England as you can get lol. I've been looking at a raised bed that lays on the grass and almost took the turn for dobbies yesterday but the kids wanted toys r us (which wasn't even there anymore hehe) I'm pretty sure I'd have snatched it up! I do like the idea of one on legs though, it could go on the patio. We're the same, Currently digging out a big section of the grass to lay for the kids to have a little playhouse and their toys so don't want to take up too much of the garden as we'll probably be looking to sell in a few years.

If you go for raspberry canes I'd probably start with around 5-8, you're meant to plant the bare root ones in October/November time (I think) whilst they're pretty dormant and they pick up in spring, but I got 5 (ended up 8 as it'd sent suckers up) and only planted them a few weeks ago and they seem fine so I'd go ahead now and you should have some this year, but look for the leafy ones as they shouldn't be dormant at this time of year. (I've spent hours researching them blush )

I went back to the garden centre today for yet more strawberries. They look a bit desperate to get shot of them so couldn't resist!

storybrooke Mon 08-Jun-15 19:35:19

Can't access the pic as on the app but will be on later smile

BuddingGardener Mon 08-Jun-15 19:44:47

Would I be able to put the raspberries in with the potatoes & beetroot?
(Gets ready to rush of to a garden centre)

storybrooke Mon 08-Jun-15 21:27:03

Aww your garden is soo pretty and NEAT! Ours has a long way to go. Are you in a new build too? Ours is only 10 years old but that's 10 years of shrub roots and some 'rockery' thing at the back we are dreading digging out! And two neighbours seemingly determined to take over our garden with their overgrown monstrosities looming over every fence.

You could compromise with oh and add a raised bed border? that way he gets his grass and you get two/three long fruit/veg patches? With a little vertical gardening added (can you tell I'm obsessed blush ) You'd get loads in.

I'm no expert but had a little google and looks like the potato/raspberries are a no go together! Sorry!

BuddingGardener Mon 08-Jun-15 22:48:36

Aww that's a shame, I will contain myself with the planning of it, I love looking at plants online.
Our house is 3 years old, very new in terms of gardening. It was just 2 months ago that I dug up the grass added top soil and manure and started planting. I really enjoy it, the peacefulness and I find it very tranquil,
Just googled raised bed border I really like them, need the Coldframe still OH is OCD and hates having plants in the house, so for an easy life I will take it outside smile
I've just been out on a slug hunt only got 2 of the buggers. Some of my beetroot plants that the slugs munched there way through have got new leaves coming, does this usually happen?

funnyperson Tue 09-Jun-15 08:25:47

raspberries are better planted with garlic tansy turnips and yarrow

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