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Which plants for patio pots which only get sun until 11am ish?

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CardigansForWinners Thu 04-Jun-15 15:06:24

I love geraniums but not sure they will survive?
Any suggestions for ones I can buy at my local garden centre which will survive? This is at the side of the house so lots of early morning sun but as I said in title, sun has moved round and no sun from about 11am.
Thanks thanks smile

shovetheholly Thu 04-Jun-15 15:38:54

I would maybe add a bit of grit to the compost mix and then look for plants that like dry shade. You would get away with several varieties of geranium (look up phaeum album, macrorhizzum 'Bevans'), lamium, liriope muscari, Alchemilla mollis, aquilegias (bit late for those this year perhaps), wood spurge, tiarella. Bear in mind that pots are a really tough environment and get dry quickly, so even though these plants are drought-tolerant, they'll still need attention and water!

Bearleigh Sat 06-Jun-15 09:11:45

Hi i have pots in a north facing porch which never gets sun, and here are what I find to be successful, and colourful, many of which actually prefer shade to sun:

Regal pelargoniums
Bedding lobelia - I got for the trailing stuff, as the normal can be a bit stiff

I always water & feed them well, but being in shade they don't need as much water as pots in the sun.

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