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Box ball in tall container

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Chippychop Wed 20-May-15 11:36:07

Will it help the water/moisture retention if I cover the top in pebbles?

shovetheholly Wed 20-May-15 14:19:14

It will, but you'll still need to water very regularly! Also, if there is only a small amount of soil visible, the effect will be minimal.

This thread caught my eye as I have just come in from trimming my box balls in the garden.

Chippychop Wed 20-May-15 15:53:35

I live in daily dread of blight ! Lost 2 this year and have replaced with much smaller ones. How are yours?

shovetheholly Wed 20-May-15 17:07:33

Mine are all fine, which I am slightly surprised at, as it's often wet and humid here in Sheffield! We did have a very cold winter this year, so I'm hoping that's killed anything off.

shovetheholly Fri 22-May-15 13:42:53

Casually browsing the web over lunch, I came across this article

which recommends a new box blight treatment! Worth a punt?

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