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What budget garden ideas have you seen that look great?

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evelynj Sat 16-May-15 00:04:25

We're reclaiming a bit of our front garden for the back & having a bit at the side of the house for the children. My fave ideas are for play gardens- an old stainless steel sink. Set on some blocks, ( I'm getting my parents old one which was my kitchen sink all through my childhood smile & then an old tractor tyre sunk in the ground for a climbing frame/tunnel.

Also delighted by my recent purchase of 2 log stores for an ugly corner of the garden-stocked with logs & kindling, it looks great!

Koalafications Sat 16-May-15 00:05:58

Good thread! Watching with interest.

NCTimeAgain Sat 16-May-15 00:10:14

I have an old ikea candle chandelier that was going to chuck hanging from a tree and swathed in ivy. Looks fab for no money and the birds drink ftom the little candle cups too

LBOCS Sat 16-May-15 00:13:55

Runner bean wigwams! Or willow. Make a wigwam out of poles, run something climbing up it.

Liara Sat 16-May-15 20:06:30

One of the most popular features of our garden for a while was a log suspended between two trees so the dc could walk along it. It wobbles as they walk, hours of entertainment for not very much.

evelynj Sat 16-May-15 21:07:57

Ooh, great ideas-like the wobble log for the play garden. Having uncovered a load of old roof tiles think I'll turn them into a bug hotel - there was another thread on here about it recently.

One of my fave things that gets use a lot here is the massive outdoor beanbags. We're v lazy & having converted our garage & filled the shed with crap, the beanbags have been outside for 2 winters & still great!

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