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What's the best way to get rid of soil after large excavation project?

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sebsmummy1 Thu 14-May-15 09:08:19

I moved it to another part of the garden thinking I was going to incorporate it into banked beds for wild flowers, but I've changed my mind now and want that area flat confused

I assume I don't want a skip but if not a skip then what?

TheSpottedZebra Thu 14-May-15 09:09:44

Could you offer it on free cycle or ebay, as free if someone loads it themselves?

sebsmummy1 Thu 14-May-15 09:23:05

It's full of roots and bulbs so I don't think I dare --otherwise bloody good idea-

samsam123 Fri 15-May-15 22:34:58

Grab lorry or many many trips to the tip

taxi4ballet Sat 16-May-15 23:43:46

I know someone who had a swimming pool dug in their garden and had literally tons of soil and rubble to get rid of. Luckily for them, someone else had just bought a house nearby with a pool who wanted it filled in. Hey Presto, perfect solution!

Maybe ask around locally to see if anybody else nearby wants some to make a garden feature or to fill in a pond etc, you never know your luck.

scarletforya Sat 16-May-15 23:47:10

Sell it! Topsoil is worth money!

AlternativeTentacles Sun 17-May-15 00:02:41

Yes sell it or freecycle it.

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