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Ants on me Amelanchier!

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BurningBridges Thu 07-May-15 20:48:31

Planted a young amelanchier canadensis (sp?) at weekend, it had finished flowering and the tiny berries are starting to form, loads of new pinky leaves etc. 3 days later and its covered in ants - also lots of leaf damage. Are the two things connected? I didn't think ants ate leaves? its been in a pot in the back garden for 2 weeks no problem, now as soon as we plant it out its being eaten. As its a young tree I am worried its going to be irreparably damaged very quickly. Any ideas - do ants eat leaves?

Bolshybookworm Sat 09-May-15 09:24:23

Where there's ants there's often aphids (the ants "milk" them). They don't tend to cause holes but they will make the leaves curl up and look damaged.

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