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Just mulched rasperberries with tainted grass clippings!

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grendel Mon 04-May-15 19:01:44

Just came in from the allotment feeling very proud as have finally weeded, fed and thoroughly mulched our massive raspberry bed. The whole thing has taken me ages.

As I was putting the tools away in the shed I noticed the bag of lawn 'weed, feed and moss kill' on the side, which clearly says that you shouldn't use the first 4 lawn mowings as a mulch, and that they first mowings are only safe to use after being composted for 6 months.

Well, I've just bloody mulched the raspberries from the pile of grass clippings from our treated lawn, which includes the first 4 mowings, and the most recent lot has only been rotting down for 3 weeks max. How bad is this? Do I need to rush out now and rake the whole lot off the raspberries beds? (Did I mention that they are massive?)

I could kill DH because I did specifically ask whether the grass clippings would be OK to use and he said 'yes'.

grendel Mon 04-May-15 20:38:35

Decided couldn't risk it, so have just been out in the drizzle and the dusk raking all the mulch off again. Unfortunately I had been very thorough and laid it on very thick. Sigh.

traj34 Thu 11-Jun-15 04:02:52

just mulch my veg. garden w/ tainted grass clippings, when realized that was treated w/ chemicals, I immediately removed them, but i'm still concern if my eggplants and tomatoes will be affected w/ the chemical odor
what else can I do to protect my plants

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