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Vine Weevil Help

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Bolshybookworm Mon 04-May-15 11:31:33

I have been sorting out my patio pots and found one that was absolutely full of vine weevil grubs shock. Does anyone know the best way to control them? I'm not keen on pesticides as we have small kids and I generally like bugs (apart from these ugly critters). Does Biological control work?

I have quite a lot of pots (to hide some godawful decking we can't afford to replace), so repotting everything is not something I have the time or money to do.

Distressed sad

NanTheWiser Mon 04-May-15 12:52:40

There is a biological control - by nematodes -
I don't know how effective it is. The only other control is a chemical one -, which might be more effective.

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