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Hints/Tips or Warnings for BBQs (not the food bit)...

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FranBrodie Sun 03-May-15 20:32:23

We're doing some work in the garden this year and I'd really like an outdoor cooking area bit I can't decide between a barbecue or pizza oven. If it was a barbeque there'd need to be different areas for meat and veggies...

I like the look of these ones, and it will kind of be a focal point to the garden, so can't just be a grill on bricks tucked in the corner. Wood burning might be useful because we already have a wood burner in the house. Nothing too modern-looking either, because our house is a 30s semi.

So, my questions are, does anyone have anything like this, or cook outside regularly?
What should I bear in mind for ease of use and cleaning?
Do they actually cook food properly or will it be a disaster?
Should I try to get something custom-built or are the simple self-assembly ones ok (last pic)? Help!

FranBrodie Sun 03-May-15 20:59:17

Also, have seen these in TKMaxx. Would they be ok for cooking utensils and maybe pots of herbs underneath? Opinions?

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