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So I now have a garden..... What do I do to it??

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Dionysuss Tue 17-Feb-15 16:13:11

We moved late last summer. I finally have, for the first time ever, a garden. grin
It's slightly unloved. I don't have a clue about what direction it faces or my soil type. In the summer the patio has sun all day, and the end is deep shade. DH is only home at weekends, so I will be transforming it on my lonesome. Where to start?
Any ideas or tips are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

Cathpot Tue 17-Feb-15 19:13:00

Hi- looks like a good space and a nice view into fields at the end. I would start by thinking about how you want to use it. Do you need the space for kids to run freely? Or can you divide it up into different spaces- play areas, grown ups bits? What do you fancy doing , veggies? Flowers? I would have a basic plan then start in one area and do it in smaller manageable bits. If the patio bit gets sun, what about a nice seating area, a firepit for the evening a herb garden or herbs in pots or raised beds? Have a good look in neighbours gardens and see what does well in your area and the sort of things you like. Fun to have a blank canvas!

funnyperson Tue 17-Feb-15 21:59:35

ohh noooooo:

yet another 'i have a garden, i don't have a clue, where to start?' thread.


perhaps by reading the other umpteen similar threads in this section?

funnyperson Tue 17-Feb-15 22:07:01

Or buy a garden book from Oxfam

Find out what direction it faces and what soil it has.

It is slightly unloved?

Well love it a bit more then.

Not in a good mood today, not wishing to hurt your feelings, but just trying to point out that some effort is needed on your part.

funnyperson Wed 18-Feb-15 04:31:49

Your garden has good potential. It will get more sun in the summer.
Think about whether you want a cottage garden look, tropical look, naturalistic grassy look.
Do you want a raised bed for veg
Do you want fruit trees
Carol klein took a young couple through creating a small garden on Gardeners World last season, the programmes may still be on iplayer
Look at pinterest to see what you like
Visit local gardens on the ngs scheme to see what grows near you and what people can do with their gardens

I would generally start with the back and the seating and then work on the beds

So up your fence you can have cordon fruit trees in the sunny area, climbing roses, honeysuckle, clematis, winter jasmine, summer jasmine, secured with vine eyes and horticultural wire.

In your veg patch you can have what you like and also raspberries and strawberries, herbs, courgettes, pumpkins beans tomatoes etc

On your patio you need seating and dining. You could have some seasonal pretty planted up pots to start with while you sit and plan your garden. Think about what you will see from the house and from the seat.

Before you plant up think what shape beds you like, keep them wide rather than narrow and after putting down some compost and well rotted manure plant up with 'easy' plants, tall ones st the back and smaller ones at the front. Claire Austin does a few 'perennial borders' mixes of plants, as do thompson and morgan and though you may not buy them they give you good ideas. You can plant up in March. Try to get some all seasons interest.

Look on the rhs website 'plant finder' for what will grow in which season, they sort them by soils and plant colour and shade/sun

Do join the potting shed thread:

You can get good bargains from lidl

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