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DDogs are murdering the lawn - inevitable?

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Afrodizziac Wed 21-Jan-15 16:55:22

What can we do to save the lawn? Is there a strong type of grass that anyone can recommend, that will easily grow from seed? Or any other type of ground covering that will withstand two boisterous dogs?

And don't say get rid of the dogs! grin

BlueBrightBlue Wed 21-Jan-15 22:07:41

Are they bitches? bitches urine kills grass.

Afrodizziac Wed 21-Jan-15 22:27:10

Yes, they are. I've bought those 'magic stones' for their water bowl that are supposed to prevent that but obvs not working! So maybe I should train them to use the toilet!

I could consider imitation grass.

mrsgoon Sun 08-Feb-15 12:09:21

dog rocks. They do work.

You can also buy a pheromone spray (usually for house training puppies) that pretty much makes dogs poop and pee the second they smell it. Use a "command", the spray and some rewards and a patch of your garden and train them to only use a specific toilet area. (I've done this too, when I rented houses)

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