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Millboard or Slabs

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BoysRule Tue 06-Jan-15 13:05:24

Our garden is terraced and on a very steep hill. We are currently having the terraces re-surfaced and the steps turned to go across rather than down as they are very steep.

We are deciding between millboard and granite slabs for the steps and some of the surface. We have two young children so need it as non-slip as possible (although I appreciate nothing will be non-slip in the wet). Does anyone have any experience of using either of these on steps in a garden and on large surface areas.


Ferguson Tue 06-Jan-15 17:43:36

I hadn't heard of millboard, but have just looked it up. Although it claims non-slip I wonder if it really is? Even natural granite could be smooth (and we live near Dartmoor), unless it can be bought specially textured?

So although a 'natural' product is nice, I wonder whether, for practical purposes, a heavily textured manufactured product might be better.

Check on some architect, landscape garden sites etc.

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