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Keep finding eggs/egg shells in garden...

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crackerjack00 Fri 26-Dec-14 12:25:28

hello all, wondering if anyone can help.

Husband and I keep finding egg (chicken) shells, and on one occasion a whole, undamaged egg in the back corner of our garden.

There is no way into the garden other than over a 5.5 foot fence.

There is no way it can be someone throwing them into our garden

We have foxes in the area and are wondering if it could by them... But they would need to come over that fence.

Any ideas what may be the culprits?

TalkinPeace Fri 26-Dec-14 17:04:03

yup, foxes

5 foot fence not an issue for them

they love to hide eggs

its lovely when you find one a few months later!

crackerjack00 Fri 26-Dec-14 19:54:30

Thank you!

We know we have them about as we've spotted a huge one sunning him(?)self in a spot just beyond our garden fence a couple of times. (we can see over it from our bedroom window)... I just wasn't sure they could scale a fence that high! Felt very privileged to spend 15 mins watching it chilling.

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