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Favourite cut flowers to grow?

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silversixpence Wed 17-Dec-14 00:08:45

I'm planning a cutting patch on the allotment and have got a few seeds already but I'd like more ideas. So far I have rudbeckia cherry brandy, antirrhinum crimson, cleome, ammi majus, pink nicotiana, euphorbia for foliage, sunflowers and dark plum and black poppies.

I like dahlias but tried to grow from a tuber in the past and nothing happened.

Rhubarbgarden Wed 17-Dec-14 21:34:19

Calendula and Nigella are good value.

aircooled Thu 18-Dec-14 20:05:23

Try some summer flowering bulbs too which will come back every year. For example - Alliums - A. aflatunense Purple Sensation, A. azureum (blue), A. sphaerocephalum (crimson). Tritelia esp. 'Queen Fabiola' (blue). Camassia - blue or white. Dutch Iris - white, yellow, purple, blue. Crocosmia - red, yellow, orange.

Definitely try Dahlias again - start off in pots then plant out when foliage has become tougher and less attractive to slugs. I love 'Nuit d'Ete' (black cactus) and 'Jescot Julie' (amazing bronze/maroon two tone). The showy, larger flowered ones are less successful as cut flowers - too heavy.

silversixpence Sat 20-Dec-14 11:19:58

Thank you smile I have already planted lots of alliums and have my fingers crossed they will come up.. I have also ordered some dahlia tubers from Peter Nyssen (nearly a third of the price of Sarah raven!). I think my mistake was not starting them off in pots the first time.

FrancesNiadova Wed 24-Dec-14 21:43:06

For late flowers, I put a couple of dozen gladioli bulbs into an old animal trough. They flowered from August to November, I cut loads & they were stunning in the house. flowers

Nydj Wed 24-Dec-14 21:50:06

Sweet peas! Can rarely buy them but so gorgeous.

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