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Today I went to Highgrove...

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hub2dee Tue 10-Oct-06 20:46:19

Our local hort soc had requested a visit to HRH Prince of Wales's gardens (yes, hunker, this is how the apostrophes are positioned in their official documentation) several years ago. We received an official invitation a few months back, and 25 people went up today.

It was a really unique opportunity to look at some very interesting gardens, and if anyone else gets a chance I'd highly recommend you go.

There were several monuments / installations (temples etc.) to HM the Queen Mother, and it all had a lovely personal touch and was classy, creative and had great structure. Several wonderful follies. Prince Charles has made extensive use of reclaimed materials, felled / damaged tree roots, unused eclesiastical stone etc. and there are several large water features which are quite lovely. He runs a very green estate there.

There's also a shop and I have a Highgrove Long Tom pot and some Duchy cheese nibbles ! A great day.

Cameras are not permitted, but there are several books on Highgrove available through Amazon etc. with great pictures.

hub2dee Tue 10-Oct-06 20:58:39

btw, they run 9 tours every day (I think 25 people max on each one), each lasting 1 1/2 hours, guided by volunteers. The 15 acre estate is tended by 10 gardeners (not all of which are full time). I think the tours are run for about 6 or 7 months of the year.

mustcackleorsuckbloodmore Tue 10-Oct-06 21:01:53

Evening. I only clicked on this because i thought there might be more fab photos on here I've always wanted to see the Lost Gardens of Heligan place (sp?) I love secrety gothicy enchanted places where you can wander for days...

hub2dee Tue 10-Oct-06 21:06:50

Security was rather strict (passports etc. to get in), so sdaly no photos. Yes, mysterious gardens are always lovely !

mustcackleorsuckbloodmore Tue 10-Oct-06 21:10:41

God, they'd never let me in or out then. For some reason, I'm the one who is always looked at suspiciously at airports (and I'm sure its not paranoia!). For example, had 30 mins of questions about my family history to get into Israel, and 45 mins to get out again (whilst a dodgy looking dh sailed through no probs). Also used to regularly get pulled aside coming back from Dublin as a student. None of which has anything to do with lovely gardens.

hub2dee Tue 10-Oct-06 21:14:45

Your haloween MN name must be tatooed on your forehead, LOL.

hunkermunster Tue 10-Oct-06 21:16:26

PMSL at being MN's resident pedant

And as for HM the Queen Mother...oh, I see what you mean

Sounds lovely - even if I did think you were referring to my local swimming baths...

hub2dee Tue 10-Oct-06 21:20:56


I still think the apostrophe is totally wrong. There were a couple of other errors in the directions / instructions for the day doc too, LOL.

Tommy Tue 10-Oct-06 21:26:20

how long was the waiting list? My PILs would love to go there

hub2dee Tue 10-Oct-06 21:35:07

Our invitation came after about 2 years wait !

I might be wrong, but I don't this individuals can apply to visit... I think it is ordinarily done through some sort of association (probably related to gardening), but I am not 100% sure (our Events Secretary handled the paperwork).

hub2dee Tue 10-Oct-06 21:35:30

<I don't think>

Tommy Tue 10-Oct-06 22:00:22

OK - thanks

deniro72 Tue 01-Nov-16 16:21:06

Im yet to go on the garden tour, I have been meaning to take my mum. Can anyone recommended a local pub nearby? BTW, you can also buy the Gardens Book at their online shop.. Just bought one plus a hamper..

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