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Another plant identification needed please

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RoganJosh Sat 01-Nov-14 13:55:32

I saw this plant on a wall earlier and like it but I have no idea what it might be. It looked like a shrub that can climb rather than an actual climber if that makes any sense.
It's the plant in the middle and left, not the little bit at the bottom right. Anyone know what it is? Thank you.

RunDougalRunQuiteFast Sat 01-Nov-14 17:04:43

Did it have thorns on the branches, did you notice? Any fruit? The leaves look a bit like Chaenomeles, I think - Japanese Quince.

More expert people along shortly, though!

PurpleWithRed Sat 01-Nov-14 17:09:28

I can't see it very clearly and can't get the picture to enlarge - does it have thorns? flowers or berries?

RoganJosh Sat 01-Nov-14 17:47:23

I've had a look at Japanese quince and it looks like the leaves on mine are a bit bigger. Also I'm guessing it's something evergreen if it looked like that today?
It didn't look thorny and there were no flowers or berries.
Thank you both for replying.
Here's a zoomed in picture.

Beehatch Sat 01-Nov-14 17:49:11

Looks like a Berberis, there are many different types though

RoganJosh Tue 04-Nov-14 07:08:22

Thank you, I'm looking through as many as I can! The leaves don't look quite like any of them so far though.

ppeatfruit Tue 04-Nov-14 13:30:29

A self seeded lime or birch tree?

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