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removing bamboo - dig out or weedkiller?

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inconceivableme Mon 08-Sep-14 19:48:57

We have a patch of bamboo in our garden that we want removed. It was planted by previous owners of the house and isn't contained in any way and is out of control. It's about 10ft x 6ft and tallest bits are about 20ft tall!

I'm getting quotes from gardeners
to get it removed but they're suggesting different methods of doing the job. Some say dig it out, some say use strong weedkiller
to kill the rizomes (SP?) and some say to do both? Prices vary accordingly. What's best in your experience please? Could we even do it ourselves. Cheers!

FrontForward Mon 08-Sep-14 19:53:04

Ooh oooh ooh me too! I've been chopping the buggers down at ground level which appears to be the equivalent of throwing bamboo fertiliser on it

FrontForward Mon 08-Sep-14 19:53:31

It's also surrounded by trees which I want to keep

SwedishEdith Mon 08-Sep-14 19:53:35

I think you need to dig as much out as possible. It's tough and grows deep. Then you can use a strong weedkiller directly on any remaining shoots. It will take persistence but I think that should do it. Hope so because we have the same problem

divingoffthebalcony Mon 08-Sep-14 19:55:26

I moved house. Much easier. I now loathe bamboo, especially the super invasive stuff that starts tunneling under the lawn.

echt Tue 09-Sep-14 02:34:43

This chap seems to have the right idea.

Sleepingtom Mon 03-Nov-14 19:43:55

Belated but thanks for this post. It has made me realise how much I hate our bamboo!

Methe Tue 04-Nov-14 21:44:15

You've no chance of killing it with any of the weed killers available nowadays and very little chance of digging it out by hand.

Definitely move house.

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