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Houseplants - do you grow, what, ideas

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careeristbitchnigel Sat 31-May-14 23:57:53

Just been watching the GBGR houseplant/cottage garden episode and have been inspired. I used to grow lots of houseplants as a child but as an adult i can't seem to get my mojo. It's not gardening in general as i have a big garden and allotment which are my primary hobby. I struggle with ideas on how to display them and just end up with boring single pots stuck on a table here and there. I would love to have interesting displays. I have an outdoors overflowing with plants but inside i have the sum total of 1 african violet and the stephanotis which was the centrepiece on our table at our wedding. They are both very bonny so i have not inherited my mother's skill of "slaying a houseplant at the front door"

I need some inspiration

IdealistAndProudOfIt Sun 01-Jun-14 19:21:47

I don't think I do interesting displays. I like having plants around as I like green, just think green brightens a place up. Just have a look around your house and think what corners you want to cheer up.

Got lots of spider plants everywhere. Used to have a couple of big fig and rubber plants in corners but they didn't travel with us. Aloe Vera and sempervivum cos they're useful for skin complaints.

I'm a big fan of scented pelargoniums and have just found somewhere that supplies them so have got quite a nice little collection of those. I',m in the process of trying to propagate the ones I only have 1 of as insurance.

Find something you like, whether flowers, greenery or hardiness (definitely a factor for me!) and go for it.

wowfudge Sun 01-Jun-14 19:37:04

We have a tall dracena with dark green leaves with red/pink edges, a stephanotis and a peace lily. And a phaelanopsis orchid which has mottled orange and pink flowers. Nothing particularly unusual. Oh and I bought a succulent from Aldi last week that's in a terracotta plant pot holder. It looks like a fleshy version of baby blue eucalyptus.

Some places lend themselves to a pot plant I think - I just buy things I like and I can think of a home for. I've had a couple of bromeliads in the past, but was never very successful at keeping them going beyond a season. They can have very wacky flowers on them - very unusual.

funnyperson Mon 02-Jun-14 01:40:10

Low on house plants here apart from the occasional orchid & spiderplant

On the noguchi coffee table website everyone has a terrarium.

A friend has a goodly array of neat little succulents and it is possible to spend money on buying these at Dobbies. My attempt at propagating succulents failed and I killed the parent plants as well as failing to propagate the cut-off leaves.

Mindy63 Sat 21-Nov-15 14:42:48

I am searching for a name for my new succulent business. I am starting with a spring garden show in my backyard which has an array of vintage decor.

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