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Help with screening ideas please!

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NamasteGirl Mon 31-Mar-14 20:23:14

Ive attached a photo of our garden fence from last summer. Basically the fence you see there is too low for us- our neighbours have installed high decking at the end of their garden and are out there every evening fom spring onwards looking right into our living room. Im trying to figure out a screening option. I thought about willow hurdles but that would mean a lot of ££ and hassle moving my roses etc. then I thought about willow or bamboo screening rolls and then growing some jasmine up it between the roses for more coverage, what do we think? Any better ideas? Our garden is pretty narrow so I cant go for any options that would be v wide.

Kudzugirl Tue 01-Apr-14 13:26:51

Hi there-

How about a tall obelisk placed diagonally in front of the corner where their decking is? Sometimes all you need is an illusion of an interrupted view- their eyes will be less drawn to you.

You could then grow something up it. Several obelisks near the roses with climbing roses on would be beautiful. Or a tangle of clematis Macropetala and a climbing rose.

Another idea would be a sparsely branching tree on a dwarfing rootstock so it doesn't get huge. We have a long narrow garden and manage well with these. Pears, cherries and other weeping trees like Salix look good. Buy a slightly larger specimen for instant impact. Place them diagonally again to their corner and even midway up the garden to play with perspective.

craftysewer Sat 05-Apr-14 00:18:59

What about something like this or a version of this

echt Sat 05-Apr-14 21:36:44

Are you good terms with them? If you can get on their deck, you'll have a better sense of what they can see, to better think out your screening.

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