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Pruning woody shrubs

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didireallysaythat Fri 21-Mar-14 21:11:52

I've inherited a mock orange some 4m tall, all old woody growth. No obviously newer growth from the base. We moved in in August so I don't know if it flowers but the first leaves were more than 2m high.

I like mock oranges but maybe this is too old to renovate. There are probably 10 stems all more than an inch in diameter. Should I just take them all down to close to the ground and see what happens ? Or just a third ? It's unfortunately right by the lounge window and would mask the path by the side of the house nicely if it had lower growth.

I also have a hibiscus that was planted between two conifers so grew horizontally for a metre or so past the conifers boughs and then up. Just two stems, both about 2 inches. Very pretty flowers late summer/early autumn. We've just had the conifers remived. Do you think it would also survive a hard prune to try and give it a better shape ? Only two branches so less forgiving potentially...

Tips, suggestions and timings much appreciated !!

I'd go for drastic pruning for both of them but wait till after they've flowered.

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