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Best place to get turf

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Sooperswooper Sun 16-Mar-14 12:28:25

Any recommendations for turf buying? Only about 20m2 needed but wondered if there is a good place to get it delivered from bar the standard Wickes etc option. Thanks!

Geoff0409 Mon 17-Mar-14 19:09:19

While I am not sure where you live, I would advise going to a garden centre or nursery, rather than B&Q, Wickes, Homebase etc. I always think they are quite expensive and sometimes the quality isn't great. And always check that it is all green (no yellowing around the edges etc). If you can work it out how much it would cost too. have you got a partner/neighbour/friend etc who can give you a hand? Look up on youtube the Alan Titchmarsh show "how to be a gardener" as one of the episodes covers this - and a great tip is to use an old (but clean) breadknife if you need to cut/trim it. Lots of luck shamrock .

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