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Looking for a plant for my containers, shady/partial shade aspect.

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crushedintherush Sun 09-Mar-14 12:44:04

Hi there

I'm looking for a plant that will look good in my containers, something low maintenance hopefully, but looks good.

The containers (3 of the same) will be placed a the bottom of the garden, where it is mainly shady but some sun for a short time, on a bed of pebbles. I have (hopefully) linked the pic ok.

Please advise, MTIA

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Sun 09-Mar-14 17:31:18

How big are the containers? I can't get a sense from your photo. And what do you want from them? Height? Colour? Flowers? Foliage only?

Nice container, by the way.

crushedintherush Sun 09-Mar-14 18:22:02

Hi comeinto, thanks for replying. The containers are 14 inches height, 9 inches diameter.

Preferably foliage and height. Something low maintenance if possible.

And thanks, they are nice, aren't they? I've got 3, and they're going to be on a low maintenance flower bed, mainly pebbles and ornamental rocks smile

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Sun 09-Mar-14 18:50:05

Well, that bed sounds quite zen and oriental, so how about black bamboo? Three identical pots would look very dramatic, but if you wanted to treat them differently, there are lots of heucheras with lovely coloured foliage, although they don't provide much height.

You could also go for small trees such as crab apples, although you would need to pick a small variety (and the pot would help to keep it small), but I have a feeling that in those tall, narrow pots they may be prone to blowing over in strong winds.

ShoeWhore Sun 09-Mar-14 21:33:15

I also thought immediately of bamboo. Would look good I think, low maintenance and would give you the height and foliage. I like the way they move in the breeze too.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Sun 09-Mar-14 21:38:34

Oh yes, and a very soothing rustling sound in the breeze too.

crushedinthrush Mon 10-Mar-14 18:03:18

Thanks shoe and comeinto, I will have a look in the garden centre on Wednesday. I think they're just what I need. I like the idea of the breeze smile

The containers are quite heavy so I don't think they'll blow over, but I'll keep an eye on them.

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