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My penstamen has back brown spots

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NotAnotherNewNappy Sat 08-Mar-14 22:27:54

I got some little plugs last autumn and have ignored lovingly cared for them all winter, but I noticed today the leaves have some black brown spots on them. A quick Google says this is a fungus. Do you think I have to chuck them or is there any chance they'll recover?

Ferguson Wed 12-Mar-14 19:58:56

There was another penstemon thread recently, and the consensus was that they are DIFFICULT! 'Blackbird' is virtually evergreen, and ours is thriving, when others have died.

If you can pot them on and give TLC they may recover possibly. They hate heavy or waterlogged soil.

NotAnotherNewNappy Tue 18-Mar-14 21:36:33

Blackbird looks gorgeous, a lovely rich deep colour.

I have wedding bells, they look a bit healthier now they have had some sun and fresh air (I had them in a small blow away green house). Thanks for the advice, I shall persevere!

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