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Path - can i turf it?

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Alex1984 Thu 27-Feb-14 13:22:40

Ok I am a total gardening novice. We moved into our new house about six months ago, in the back garden is a gravel path (quite large stones), I would like to take up these stones and turf this area (quite a large area 1m x 6m (round the edge of our garden). How should I go about doing this? Should I try to do it myself or is it better to pay someone? I have a two year old so am keen to get this done ASAP so he can enjoy the garden.
Any advice greatly appreciated!

Gooner123 Thu 27-Feb-14 22:13:29

Well once you've removed the stones you may well have to top up the ground with some top soil to bring it up level to ( the existing lawn ?),you could sow grass seed ( cheaper ) in the spring,or lay turf ( instant result ),1 x 6 m is actually quite small so I would go with turf,you will need to water it if it's dry,again lay it in spring.
It's a job you could do yourself,or find a local Gardner & pay.

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