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Setting up a veg patch on this area of garden???

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Em1503 Sun 26-Jan-14 14:57:18

Hi I am a novice when it comes to gardening bit we have recently moved house and I am pregnant so feeling like a little fruit and veg patch to provide bits and bobs for us is needed!

Down the side of our house and garage we have a strip of garden (approx 6m x 1.5m). It is currently grass with some small perennials dotted in it and sheltered on 3 sides by fence panels. It does get the sun overhead though for some of the day so part sun/part shade.

At the moment it is a complete waste of space so would it be possible to turn it into a fruit and veg patch and if so how on earth would i go about it and what would I be best growing??? I'm thinking strawberries, tomatoes, rhubarb, lettuce (don't really know what would be best??)

Theoldhag Mon 27-Jan-14 09:46:50

Some excellent tips can be found here I am a big fan of no dig gardening as it tends to be less back breaking and is better for the microbes in the soil. A book that you might enjoy is John Seymore's 'the complete book of self-sufficiency' really fab for when and how to plant. Check out also companion planting, using other plants as pest control and soil nutrient management, herbs tend to work very well and look lovely scattered between veg. Some people find that planting in circles rather than straight lines brings better yield and looks less regimented.

Have fun!

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