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growing bulbs - is this idea feasible?

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sonsmum Thu 16-Jan-14 09:43:51

I have a large garden, mostly clay and most things die. I really want spring colour this year. I am considering putting lots of bulbs into largeish pots and placing round the garden. We have lots of squirrel visitors, I don't want them digging/eating bulbs from a relatively easily accessible area.
I have an idea and as I am not very green fingered am not sure if this is feasible or not.
While it is true winter, to protect the bulbs from the squirrels I was thinking of putting cellophane over the pots, or secured plastic bags, may need to put some small holes in for condensation purposes, and remove cover when i see the shoots.
Do you think this sounds feasible? will it even work or have you any other suggestions?

Mushypeasandchipstogo Thu 16-Jan-14 18:16:06

You should have already planted your spring bulbs in Autumn but you might try and buy some in flower in pots for February or March. Daffodils are a good bet as they are poisonous and squirrels (and deer) wont touch them so no need for plastic. I suspect that the squirrels would eat the tulips after you had taken the cellophane off! If you also get deer in your garden there is no chance of trying anything but daffs take it from me!

aircooled Fri 17-Jan-14 21:16:41

Upturned wire mesh hanging baskets (securely fastened) keep off squirrels and rabbits. I pick them up cheaply at my local council tip 're-use shop'. Try planting winter-flowering violas (more weatherproof than larger pansies) in the pots too - the bulbs can easily grow through them and they provide colour before the bulbs flower. Don't forget to water the pots if we get a dry spring! The bigger the pots the better (less chance of them freezing solid in a cold spell) and I would group them rather than dot them around singly.

FluffyJumper Sun 19-Jan-14 20:24:04

This will work very well but you must plant the bulbs in the next week or two at the very latest. I planted mine on New Year's Day and I always plant them late and they're always fine, but you really are at the outside edge if this being feasible this year. Do you already have some bulbs?

FluffyJumper Sun 19-Jan-14 20:28:11

Sorry just read the bit about cellophane or a plastic bag and I don't think this is a good idea. There's a lot of water about, so the cellophane wouldn't stick, and things need to have air and light or they will rot.

You could put the pots somewhere out of the way whilst the bulbs are growing to protect them and then put them out and about when they're too big for the squirrels to dig up?

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