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Harlow community garden

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Katerina81 Wed 13-Nov-13 18:07:03

Hello everyone
My name is Katerina I'm 32 years old and I have a 2 year old daughter and a 4 months old boy. Being a mother is a wonderful trip but with some serious responsibilities like raising healthy children. One of the ways we can do that is by feeding our children healthy nutritious food. But unfortunately that can be impossible for some families due to the lack of fresh produce and the high prices of the organic fruit and vegetables.
I live in church Langley in Harlow and I would like to meet mothers that live close by and would like to take action and create a community fruit and vegetable garden that aims to offer affordable fresh and healthy food,build relationships within the community, offer education for children and teenagers and last but not least improve the environment .
If you would like to get involve please send me an email on
Best wishes to you all

Mogz Thu 14-Nov-13 04:13:19

Good luck with your project, try posting on the locals board too.

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