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large roses

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hellymelly Thu 24-Oct-13 16:05:17

I am longing for some huge cabbage-headed roses, my Granny's garden had massive ones but all the varieties I grow are of a muchness really. Is it care as much as type? Or are there some really large headed varieties? I am not too concerned about colour, but they have to be scented. I would also like the bush to grow really large, another thing I don't seem to manage!

SilverApples Thu 24-Oct-13 16:50:11

It is the variety more than the growing.
I've been buying from here for years. Not only are they brilliant, they are very good at answering customer queries, so you can write them a rambling letter about colours and shapes and fragrance and they will match you with a selection with pleasure.

hellymelly Thu 24-Oct-13 17:43:13

Thanks silver. I have lots of David Austin roses, and Peter Beales, but nothing at all that is as large as the roses my Granny's gardener used to grow. A few years ago I telephoned them and asked for suggestions, the man I spoke to suggested a rose called (I think) "the Doctor", but it wasn't all that huge and it was also a single rose whereas I want the big full blown chintzy ones. " Golden celebration" is probably the biggest in my garden. I also lived near an old man who grew huge "Blue Moon" roses , on an old bush, in that instance I am assuming it was his care as mine are never very big. His were also much greyer in tone, mine come up more pink which maybe is soil type? I want tea-plate sized roses! <stamps foot in huff>

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