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Blackish mark on the stem of my basil plant

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starfishmummy Wed 25-Sep-13 11:36:19

As far as I know (I'm no expert) I wouldn't be expecting a basil plant to last much past the summer anyway; I have just grown it as an annual and then just harvested it all (freezing the leaves) at the end of the summer.

No idea if it is safe to eat.

Vatta Wed 25-Sep-13 11:28:42

Hello, pretty new to this gardening stuff and looking for advice! I've been growing a basil plant in a pot, and have noticed that it seems to be droopy (although it then perks back up again), the leaves nearer the base are yellowish, various leaves have developed brownish marks at their tip, and there is a black/brown mark on one if the stems, near the base.

Could this be a fusarium fungus problem? If so can I cure the plant somehow, or do I just bin it? Also not sure if it's safe to harvest the leaves?

Or is it something else entirely?


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