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at the start of the summer I started a thread asking for help with my garden, want to see the outcome?

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ditavonteesed Sun 22-Sep-13 11:23:54

I have uploaded photos of my garden now and left the photos of my garden then up. Thanks for the help, the sunflower was accidental, we didnt plant it the chickens must have dropped one of there seeds. grin

funnyperson Sun 22-Sep-13 19:15:25

Thanks! Much improved but I think you need more climbers

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Sun 22-Sep-13 19:16:56

So, now you've started, what's next?

::gardening is addictive emoticon::

ditavonteesed Sun 22-Sep-13 20:06:57

hmm climbers, I can do climbers, what would you recomend and when would they need to be planted? I havee some honey suckle in teh back rockery behind the trampoline (cant wait till that thing is not part of the garden).
I intend to plant all the pots out now the plants are quite big and geet new things in the pots, replace my brick border with a little wall and raise the bed up, thats about as far as I have thought it.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Sun 22-Sep-13 20:21:32

I was going to suggest honeysuckle for the scent. How about jasmine? There are dozens of very beautiful clematis but they tend not to be scented. Or how about a climbing rose?

ditavonteesed Sun 22-Sep-13 20:32:41

jasmine would be good, dd1's middle name, dd2's middle name is rose.

funnyperson Sun 22-Sep-13 20:47:42

Oh yes a climbing rose would be lovely in your garden next to the jasmine and honeysuckle.
I'm quite pleased with the variegated jasmine I bought- the leaves bring a bit of light onto the fence.
Climbing roses: here

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Sun 22-Sep-13 21:01:38

Sounds like a yes to jasmine and rose then!

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