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Compost/bark/planting order? Huge should I approach please?

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FishfingersAreOK Sun 25-Aug-13 21:58:07

OK, so this is probably going to sound a bit daft, but please advise me on how best to tackle planting out my new lavender hedge.

I have about 50-60 feet to plant. Spent the weekend digging it over and ridding it of about 3 years weeds. I have the right compost. I have the lavender plants ordered (misshapes so about a £1 each for hidcots (?sp?). I have about half a tonne of bark mulch to put down to suppress the weeds.

So...given how much there is I am intending some kind of factory line approach...but should I:
1)Dig compost in
2) Plants lavenders
3)Shovel/rake over bark

1) Dig in compost
2) Spread bark over
3) Plant Lavender

Or something else.
I know it seems like such a daft question but am not a gardener. I cannot work out the easiest/best way to do it.

Oh, And I now hate digging grin

Mogz Mon 26-Aug-13 02:31:33

Dig in the compost, plant the lavender, give everything a bloody good watering then put the bark down. In the order that bark will help the moisture stay in the soil and not evaporate.
Sounds like a big task, bet it looks great once you're don with it though.

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