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Good news for beekeepers

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apibeeman Sun 25-Aug-13 10:23:04

Good news for beekeepers that have lost their hives this year.
As the scientists are gagged and the politicians and pesticides producers are not going to tell you the truth, as to what is killing your bees I have found the perfect answer for beekeepers that have lost their hives.
Take all the insides out of the dead hive, fill up the bee entrance. Cut a 6 inch hole in the front of your hive and put it on the stand, the one you have made to support the hive will work.
Now construct a pen out of chicken wire. This will make a perfect home for half a dozen Bantams.
Give up keeping bees, keep chickens instead, the only way anybody will take notice of the fact we have lost our bees is if the world is starving.

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