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can you please tell me how to look after my raspberries?

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Boomba Sat 24-Aug-13 14:32:30

I cant find a satisfactory way of supporting them. Ive just tied all the new bits to a matrix made from 2 rubbish 'rose arches' side by side and a criss cross of bamboo canes tied between the 2.

The raspberry plants wont bloomin' come up in an orderly row, will they. There are concentrations of plants where it is all over crowded and then big spaces. So Im bending the stalks over and tying them in the fill in the gaps


I'm a completely unknowledgeable (and quite lazy) gardener and havent done much in previous years. They produces LOADS of fruit and we get a big tangle where lots go bad in the middle of the bush because we havent seen them to pick them. Im determined to make a better job of it for next year

Mogz Sun 25-Aug-13 04:03:32

You need to make very tall wigwams from bamboo canes, taller than your plants are now so they can grow.

Boomba Mon 26-Aug-13 21:28:09

Thanks for that mogz ill give that a go

Mogz Tue 27-Aug-13 04:38:25

You're welcome, raspberry plants can be a right pita, my friends inherited about 20 when they bought a house and had a bit of a crash course in leaning to keep them. Was worth it though, the results were super tasty!

loraflora Tue 10-Sep-13 13:21:58

Do you know what variety they are, as summer-fruiting and autumn-fruiting varieties don't get exactly the same treatment.

This site makes suggestions on how to deal with them, either way.

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