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Best blogs about allotments?

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purplewithred Thu 11-Jul-13 09:45:39

Who are the best allotment bloggers? A friend has just got an allotment and I am so excited - I've lusted after one for ages but knew I couldn't handle the commitment, so now I can 'help' him on his in return for some space. I want to get all into the zone by reading lots of lovely blogs.

Flibbertyjibbet Thu 11-Jul-13 10:01:27

There is a big website called 'grow your own' where you can get info and ask questions, there are forums and chat bits etc.

We have an allotment and dp is on it most nights!

Watch out if its a council allotment and you are having a chunk of someone else's - our council is really strict on that and your friend could get chucked off for subletting. The waiting lists are so long there is always someone ready to grass you up.... our friend put a seat on his for his elderly neighbour to have a little patch and he let her put a few tubs on near the bench. The man on the next allotment rang the council to accuse him of subletting and he got a visit! They were ok about it though, but it was interesting to find out how strictly they enforce the rules.

Enjoy it but don't underestimate the hard work, we've had our current one two years and we are still digging car parts and broken glass out of it.

purplewithred Thu 11-Jul-13 11:16:25

wierdly there is no waiting list for this little patch of allotments and they actually have vacant plots! I know about the work - I used to have a 2.5 acre garden! - and haven't taken on an allotment myself for that very reason. I am slightly sceptical that the person who has taken it on will keep it up too.

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