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Tulip advice needed - do I treat them the same as daffs?

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pepperrabbit Mon 05-Jun-06 10:53:47

Are you supposed to treat dead tulips like daffs? Dutifully waiting for daffs to die down naturally even though they're really really scruffy.
But can I just chop down the tulips or do I have to do the same???
Sorry if this is the biggest ignoramous question ever....

prettybird Mon 05-Jun-06 11:03:13

Yes you do. You need to snap off the flower head (petals uually drop anyway, you need to be sure the seed haed is away) and then wait for the foliage to die back. That way you will get a good display next year - and probably a few more flowers. Ever few years you should dig them up to divide the clump og bulbs that will have fomred. In those years, you could let the foliage die back, by putting the bulbs in some pots with some dry copmost - and then once the floiage has all died, then storing the bulbs somewhere dry, before planitng them out again in November.

pepperrabbit Mon 05-Jun-06 12:18:08

Thanks prettybird, i'll be on the case as soon as nap-time kicks in!

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