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How can I identify a tree at the front of my house?

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kid Sat 03-Jun-06 23:49:10

We have a tree at the front of our house, it has some sort of fruit on it. The tree also has a smell to it! Can't really describe the smell, it isn't a nasty smell but you can smell it when the windows are open.

The leaves are quite lond and pointed.
Any ideas what it could be?

kid Sat 03-Jun-06 23:49:49

the leaves are quite long not lond!

singledadofthree Sat 03-Jun-06 23:51:54

errr??? descibe the fruit - size, colour shape. and shape of leaves (are they single or multi leaflets?), and colour /texture of bark.

kid Sat 03-Jun-06 23:56:10

The fruit is round, they grow to the size of a plum (I think) and they are brown. We broke one open the other day and they are white inside. The bark is smooth, the leaves are there all year round. I think I have a picture of DS climbing the tree on the PC.

singledadofthree Sun 04-Jun-06 00:07:40

the only one that sprung to mind was the blackthorn (or sloe to you and i), but the fruit is too early and doesnt really fit. have looked it up and cant find a match - sorry

kid Sun 04-Jun-06 00:11:20

thats ok, thanks for trying. How about if I post a pic of the leaves on profiles, so you think that might give you a better idea?

singledadofthree Sun 04-Jun-06 00:14:44

why not kid - it is saturday night after all, lol, will take a look.

kid Sun 04-Jun-06 00:15:22

picture posted.

Mumbojumbo Sun 04-Jun-06 06:49:42


I.m probably totally wrong but could it be a quince tree . A friend of mine used to have one in her front garden and I can remember the fruit being brown. Not sure where the picture is but from your description - will keep looking!


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