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Big, big tree!!!!

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Polgara2 Sat 03-Jun-06 13:56:58

Anyone got any idea how much it would cost to cut down and remove a large tree out of the garden? DH reckons the base is about 2 ft across and is about 50 ft high !!

mancmum Sat 03-Jun-06 14:10:29

our neigbours just spent a grand having a huge tree trimmed back -- it would have been another grand to take the trunk down... it was a b**y huge tree though!

SoupDragon Sat 03-Jun-06 14:13:48

A lot!! Obviously they can't just cut it down, they have to take it down in chunks.

Polgara2 Sat 03-Jun-06 14:34:55

Could you quantify a lot?? Know its going to be expensive would just like a while to get adjusted to the idea .

SoupDragon Sat 03-Jun-06 16:42:21

Sorry, I can't really. It cost about £200 3 years ago to have a sycamore taken out of our garden and that was a puny 7" trunk.

SoupDragon Sat 03-Jun-06 16:43:58

We have a similar sized tree to the one you are talking about and I shudder to think how they would get it down.

gomez Sat 03-Jun-06 17:41:04

We forked out around £2k to get a ruddy hugh willow tree taken down - and that was nearly 3 years ago!

Mirage Sat 03-Jun-06 21:02:55

Have you got a local horticultural/agricultural college?If so,ring them.Often they send around students on tree surgeon courses to do practical work & you could offer them your tree.

I'd check it hasn't got a Tree Protection order on it first though,otherwise it could cost you £1000's in fines.

Whizzz Sat 03-Jun-06 21:05:39

DH (professional tree bod) reckons about £500 based on the sizes you quoted & ditto the TPO advice!

Polgara2 Sat 03-Jun-06 23:42:19

Thank you ladies!! Whizzz do we have to get professional tree bod type person to do it then? What are they advertised as? Would check out tpo first thank you.
Mirage dont know about the college will go have a look - good idea thanks.

Polgara2 Sun 04-Jun-06 13:34:11

Bumping for Whizzz!!

Skribble Sun 04-Jun-06 13:39:28

college idea sounds good, they may well use it for practice as they can't have that many trees on campus to cut down, wonder if any of the classes at my local college need weeding practice, or digging practice .

SoupDragon Sun 04-Jun-06 13:48:44

I think you look under Tree surgeon inthe yellow pages.

Polgara2 Sun 04-Jun-06 13:50:44

Thank you SD. Don't suppose anyone knows any good tree surgeons in cheshire then do they by any mere chance?

Whizzz Sun 04-Jun-06 16:23:04

Polgara - YES thats where we are - hang on will get DH & get back to you !

Whizzz Sun 04-Jun-06 16:30:57

Polgara - if you email on Whizzz_123 at yahoo dot co dot uk - I will get back to you

Off on hols tomorrow so its a bit manic at mo

Whizzz Sun 04-Jun-06 22:07:31

Your council will advise whether your tree has a TPO on it - if it has you will have to apply to the council with reasons as to why you want it removed. If it is TPO'd & healthy, it is unlikely you would get permission to remove it totally.
If it is not protected - check yellow pages for tree surgeons - look for fully insured people with relevant qualifications.
If you want more advice & can hang on a bit, we will be back next Saturday!

Polgara2 Tue 06-Jun-06 11:46:36

Thanks Whizzz, there's no rush, it's in the house we're hoping to move to but it's proving to be a very, very slow process!!!

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