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How to get neighbour to clear their garden rubbish?

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DoALittleDance Tue 02-Jul-13 16:20:40

Great, thank you. Had no idea about concrete fence posts, will get those smile

quoteunquote Tue 02-Jul-13 13:11:37

Ask them to make sure none of it is leaning on the fence, if you think it is attracting rats, phone environmental health.

when you replace the fence, use concrete slot fence posts

they cost slightly more, but don't rot, you can put in the concrete bottom bits for panels to sit on, and sink them into the ground makes a good barrier to tunnellers,

and best of all, from then on if a panel get damaged you just slot a new one in.

It makes a good barrier when the neighbours are difficult.

DoALittleDance Mon 01-Jul-13 15:25:20

Would love some advice as I don't know where to start with this and wondered if anyone had any ideas?

Moved into city property last year with very small and neglected back garden. The back of the garden has a fence which is slowly crumbling and needs to be replaced. The garden on the other side of the fence is huge and belongs to a much bigger house which must have around 100ft of land.

These distant neighbours have dumped a huge pile of rubbish (old washing machine, garden detritus, food wrappers and furniture, maybe 3ft high by 7 ft wide) behind their shed, which is leaning against the fence. The whole back part of the garden is completely overgrown and shielded by huge trees, weeds and vines, so it's not an eyesore for them but it is making our fence fall down, looks horrible and there are foxes living in the shed and pawing around the rubbish pile who are incredibly noisy at night!

Is it worth first asking the council to approach our neighbours to clear up the rubbish or going directly to them? Should I offer to pay to remove the rubbish or go halves as an incentive to get them to do it? I've used the Land Registry site to find out who owns the freehold so I think I know who owns it. Really don't want a dispute, just want to get our garden sorted.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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