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a red plant/ tree for parents' Ruby anniversary?

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Taffeta Sat 13-Jul-13 06:31:52

We have a smoke bush, cotinus and I love it. It is especially stunning at this time of year.


I always think of it as a red rather than purple plant.

Jux Fri 12-Jul-13 14:43:48

Japanese blood grass. It can look stunning:

mrscumberbatch Wed 10-Jul-13 23:58:01

I was going to recommend a red acer as well. They are beautiful when fully grown.

Wandastartup Wed 10-Jul-13 23:51:29

We bought a ruby mirabelle plum for inlaws.

TheFogsGettingThicker Sun 07-Jul-13 23:33:34

There's also an Astrantia called "Ruby Wedding", am fancying it myself as my Astrantia is very wishywashy.


Murtette Sun 07-Jul-13 22:03:26

Its probably too late now but there's a variety of heuchera called "Ruby Bells" and there's a rose called "Ruby Wedding" both of which are obviously on a smaller scale to a acer.

Eyesunderarock Fri 28-Jun-13 16:49:36

You could broaden it a little and give her several plants that would give red throughout the year. I have red tulips, wallflowers and a lovely Japanese quince, but they are seasonal.

OiVaVoi Fri 28-Jun-13 16:28:26

thankyou so much everybody - some wonderful suggestions!

Ponders Fri 28-Jun-13 12:42:38

I would definitely go for an acer - there are some very red ones, they're easy to grow & they stay red as long as they're in leaf

they're very graceful & ornamental too

OrmirianResurgam Fri 28-Jun-13 12:35:30


Got this for my parents for the same celebration. They happen to collect camellias anyway. BTW I didn't pay anything LIKE that much for mine shock I am sure it's available elsewhere

Eyesunderarock Fri 28-Jun-13 12:31:52

You do realise how huge a Mulberry tree can become? smile
Bertha thought of my first choice.
Japanese acer are exquisite, can live happily in the garden or in a pot and look fantastic.

HormonalHousewife Fri 28-Jun-13 12:27:30

I was just going to say a big no to the Photinia as I hate it and we have loads in our garden grin

Athough if you want to come around and dig one up then thats fine grin

cantspel Fri 28-Jun-13 12:22:29

You can get a nerium oleander in a lovely shade of ruby red.

onefewernow Fri 28-Jun-13 01:38:42

Photinia red robin?

Blackpuddingbertha Thu 27-Jun-13 21:50:18

Japanese acer/maple Some varieties come in amazing red colours and grow quite happily in pots. Most garden centres will have them.

OiVaVoi Thu 27-Jun-13 20:36:29

It would have been my mum and dad's ruby wedding anniversary this weekend, but my beloved Dad died over 15 years ago. My mum still misses him terribly although she is now happily married (after being left with strict instructions that she should be a 'merry widow'grin)

I would like to get my mum something lovely for the garden, does anyone have any suggestions? she is not keen on red roses. i was thinking of a Rowan tree or Mulberry, but i think they are quite hard to get hold of.

any ideas anyone?

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