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Hiring a gardener Qs

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tallulah Sun 26-May-13 12:16:36

We have quite a big (North facing) garden (never measured but prob about 30ft wide by 100ft long). The people who lived here before had it properly done by a gardener, who regularly maintained it (has apparently since died, so not an option). It has lots of shrubs, and things come up at different times, different colours - obviously professionally done.

DH can't be bothered to do anything out there and I haven't a clue, plus I really don't have the time. My mum would come over but tends to be of the if-it's-sticking-out-hack-it-off school of gardening grin.

I've realised today that after almost 3 years of neglect I'm going to have to get someone in to sort it out. BUT I want someone who knows what they are doing, not a builder with some spare time.

How long would it take a proper gardener to prune and sort out an overgrown garden? And how often would it need to be maintained? I don't want to advertise and find I'm looking at paying somebody full time wages for a month to sort it. For maintenance am I looking at an hour a week, an afternoon a month, a day a fortnight...? It has 3 lawns, terraced, flowerbed down one side and in a circle in the middle, and tall bushes all the way down both sides and across the bottom.

As you can see I'm totally clueless, so can people who know what they are talking about give me some pointers please.

linspins Sun 26-May-13 12:28:24

I would sort it out bit by bit. Choose an area, maybe the bit you want to sit in, or can see from the kitchen etc.
I found a gardener for my Mum recently by asking around online. I used Facebook, where there is a local Mum's page, and posted a question asking if there was anyone people would recommmend, and have used. As you say, look out to check they are gardeners not builders with a chainsaw! I posted the same question on my own page. This threw up 3 gardener options, one who we went for. They work as a pair, charging £25 an hour for both, so £50 gets you 4 'man' hours of work. If you do it bit by bit, you can also ask their advice about other areas, and check there aren't plants that are need pruning asap, before they lose their shape forever.
Good luck.

Mirage Sun 26-May-13 13:43:48

I'm a gardener and from the sound of your garden,I'd say it'd need 3-4 hours a week to keep it looking good.How long it would take to get it into a decent state so it can be maintained is difficult to say as it depends how bad it is.

tallulah Sun 26-May-13 18:43:56

Thanks both. Sounds like an expensive job sad

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