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Apple Trees

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puddingz Tue 23-May-06 23:36:31

Just getting into this gardening lark and I'm loving it. I was watching a shopping channel and found myself ordering 3 apple trees. They just arrived today. They are dwarf trees in a small bag of soil. What do I do now? I've brought large planters for them because I don't want them in the ground as the soil is a bugger (new build tiny garden, shallow soft soil) to dig and we won't be here for more than 2 years. I welcome your wisdom and advice.....

theinvisiblegirl Fri 26-May-06 13:44:06

Hi've probably planted already but this might be of use. I've always added a bit of bonemeal in the bottom of the pot to help keep the roots healthy.

Hope you have happy trees and lots of yummy apples

puddingz Fri 26-May-06 14:11:37

Hi TIG, thanks for the reply. What is bonemeal? is it the type of thing I can get from B & Q? Can I tell I'm new to this?

majorstress Fri 26-May-06 14:32:56

Yes you can get it anywhere that sells gardening stuff, while your'e there get some water-retaining gel to put in the pots, in case the drought returns-lack of water is the leading cause of tree death.

puddingz Fri 26-May-06 23:01:44

Thank you, guys are gorge!!!! I'm still open to more wisdom and advice.....

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