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Unenthusiastic gardener with a dandelion invasion!

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tootssweet Sun 28-Apr-13 14:48:22

Help please. I am a bit of a reluctant gardener. We seem to have been invaded by dandelions. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the beasts short of torching my patio? I just want to create a nice space for the dc's to play in doesn't have to be anything fancy!

Any advice would be gratefully received

MrsLettuce Sun 28-Apr-13 14:56:53

YWBU and committing an illegal act if you were to decide to inject the plants with paraffin, it would kill the fuckers though wink

MrsHoarder Sun 28-Apr-13 15:06:27

Keep pulling them up. Every time you go in the garden, pull another few up. They will grow back, pull them up again. Eventually they will die if they can't grow for long enough for their leaves to get the light.

Ideally pull them up from below the level of the leaves so the great long root comes up as well, but most importantly pull them up.

OrbisNonSufficit Sun 28-Apr-13 15:08:18

Dandelions are so pretty though... why not just keep them and enjoy the flowers?

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sun 28-Apr-13 15:11:51

Dandelions are evil.

Rip the heads off whilst they're still yellow, to minimise the chances of seeds flying around.

Weed killer on patios. You can get ones whihc aren't a problem with kids or pets around.

Or, get down on your hands and knees with a knife to get between the slabs and prize out the roots. You need to get rid of as much root as possible, dandelions can grow back again from a small piece. Evil feckers, as I say.

MrsHoarder Sun 28-Apr-13 15:15:38

Or if they're only on the patio, boiling water. Make sure the children aren't around and fill the kettle and pour it out along the cracks.

kiwigirl42 Sun 28-Apr-13 15:29:11

get a rabbit - ours adores dandelions and eats them down to the ground

tootssweet Sun 28-Apr-13 15:53:42

Thank you for the replies. Weed killer has been pretty ineffectual when I've tried before. I try & slice them out of the cracks iyswim but they seem so much worse this year already.
Rabbit sounds good but dog might think its Christmas come early!

Think I might go for boiling water & weed killer. Thanks for the suggestions. Shame paraffin one is illegal!

cantspel Sun 28-Apr-13 16:25:24

You want a weed killer with glyphosate in it. I use reslove 24 on my patio and shingle drive way and that nukes them. Spray plenty on to the leaves and it will carry it down to the root and kill the whole thing.

cantspel Sun 28-Apr-13 16:26:27

dont use water at the same time as you will just wash it away. Spray first thing in the morning on a day when no rain is due.

DewDr0p Sun 28-Apr-13 18:36:02

You can get a special tool that hooks under them and pulls them out roots and all. Good for lawns and between paving slabs. You need to get the roots right out or the tough little buggers just keep coming right back...

tootssweet Sun 28-Apr-13 23:49:54

What is the name of this tool & where would I get one? They're persistent little blighters!

cantspel Mon 29-Apr-13 10:53:00

wilkinsons sell them for £2 called a garden weeder. It is a folk with 2 prongs which you use to hook out the root.

DewDr0p Mon 29-Apr-13 11:06:22

yes weeder here it is Marvellous invention!

tootssweet Mon 29-Apr-13 21:57:18

Thank you lovely mn garden experts! I shall pop into Wilkos on the way to work now. However I really want to but the jute twine on a roller & I don't even need it Help!

Showtime Sat 04-May-13 16:04:26

Friend bought us one from local market, called it a Daisy Digger and is indeed effective.

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