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midgets, mosqutoes

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babySophieRose Sat 27-Apr-13 15:50:59

Any suggestions for getting rid of the biting devils? We can not enjoy our garden after 5pm. We have got the citronela candle but they are still biting. Thanks

quoteunquote Sat 27-Apr-13 18:41:10

Plant lots of elderflower, it really helps,

Crabtree & Evelyn use to do a West Indian and Sicilian lemons and Limes scent, which was the most amazing insect repellent(I'm not sure that was their intention), never traveled anywhere without it, even scottish midges hated it,

Avon's Skin So Soft is meant to be really good at keeping them away,

this might help
or this

we have quite a few of these it really helps, as we had just one set in the roof, now some use the boxes, keeps numbers down,

If you make sure there is no standing water, make sure buckets are stored upside down gutters are draining properly, no standing water anywhere, and any ponds have a pump, you should reduce numbers.

binger Sat 27-Apr-13 18:47:42

Ha ha smile

babySophieRose Sun 28-Apr-13 11:50:59

Thank you quoteunquote. We do not have any water resources for the bugs, and yes, we have a elderflower in our garden. We also have a holy tree next to the patio and we suspect that this were they live. I was hoping someone could suggest a treatment of some kind to kill them, like you know, the local councils sprays for mosquitoes from time to time. Thanks for the suggestions and I'll check out the scent.

funnyperson Sun 28-Apr-13 12:29:40


funnyperson Sun 28-Apr-13 12:30:34

at links, not at problem

agree: check no standing water.

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