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Tell Me About Hanging Baskets

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WestCountryLass Mon 15-May-06 22:46:49

I am not very green fingered at all but we have brackets for hanging baskets at our house (moved in last year) so I want to do some baskets but what sort of plants do you put in them and what do you have to do?


ks Mon 15-May-06 23:03:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Norah Mon 15-May-06 23:05:19

Not me - hate the bloody things ! Mine die and look manky within weeks of being hung up ! They dry out so bloody quickly and my life is too short to be watering the things !

They are the work of the devil if you ask me !

Mil always buys them for my birthday -in May and they're always dead by June - but we leave them up anyway and people comment ! Hate the things !

MarsLady Mon 15-May-06 23:05:59

I like them. My best tip.... get the godmothers of the DTs to buy one for your birthday and fill it with gorgeous, bright flowers (incl busy lizzies so I've been told). Empty a watering can of water on the hanging basket each day and enjoy!

Did that help?

katyrocks Tue 16-May-06 09:05:47

choose a liner that will hold moisture, the coir and moss ones look good but water evapourates from them quickly

buy a mixture of trailing and upright bedding plants (garden centre will advise) lobelia and surfinia are pefect, and some water retaining gel crystals, and any compost will do

start with a two inch layer of compost in the bottom of the basket. poke holes in the sides of the liner and stick the root ball of the plant through so that they lie on the surface of the compost.

cover with more compost. three plants per layer and three layers should do it. in between each layer sprinkle some gel crytals. put the trailing ones in the sides and the more upright ones in the top.

or if you cna't be bothered with the hole poking thing just plant them all in the top

you don't need many plants. water every day, even if its rained, as the rain won't penetrate the plants. a hose with a long hanging basket watering-thingy is great for this job. give them loads

always water in the evening, or when the plants are shaded to avoid shorching the plants

you can have fun colour coding and green foliage ones also look great

hope this help! enjoy!

SoupDragon Tue 16-May-06 09:33:23

Use compost with the water granual thingie in and also a slow release fertilizer.

Water ^at least^ once a day, twice in very hot weather and feed once a week.

You do need plenty of plants IME for a nice bushy finished basket - I've done my baskets at a gardencentre for a number of years and they're fab.

Pretty much as KR said, we did bottom layer of trainling lobelie, a second layer of trailing lobelia, layer of bizzie lizzies then at the top one centre plant (like an upright fuschia or begonia), 4 trailing plants at 12, 6, 3, & 9 o clock IYSWIM (include pertty foliage only plants) and then 4 of something like Petunias in between.

SoupDragon Tue 16-May-06 09:33:53

Assuming a 14 inch basket! Adjust size of plants for a smaller one.

MrsLee Tue 30-May-06 13:35:26

They are a pain in the backside but when they are mature they look gorgeous, ever see the massive ones pubs have? they are soooo nice.

id defo use some of that water retaining gell its brill and this year iv used trailing lobilia, busy lizzy, trailing geranium, and pluged any spaces with pertunia..

Water every day and your sure to get a good show for the summer.

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