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How do they level a bumpy lawn?

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Erebus Tue 16-Apr-13 10:04:51

...'they' being the professionals.

My lawn is maybe 10m x 5m, typical suburban oblong, strip of garden around 3 sides, full width patio on the 4th. It's 15 odd years old and I know from old neighbours and GoogleEarth (!) that there were once beds where there's now lawn etc, so the lawn is a bit of a mess. It rises up towards the middle a good but uneven 4-5 inches higher than the edge along the patio, for instance, on one large ex-garden bed to one side now creates a 'step' of 1-2 inches where the turf on the old bed has subsided. This bit is horribly mossy, too (clay under-soil).

A lawn roller just won't cut it- we're talking long, slow up-slopes and decent sized divots, here!

So, I guess I need to throw money at it, don't I?

Do they scalp the lot, then use shovels/'scalpers' to remove the peaks and fill the hollows, then re-lay new turf? How long before you can walk on new turf?

I am planning on making the edges more interesting, too, with some curves, all properly edged (possibly with brick- I don't like the neaty-look of such edging BUT this is a small suburban back garden and it's almost 'what people expect'!) but I guess the level of those edges will dictate the level for the lawn, too?

I think we could actually DIY it (it's not a vast area!) but I wouldn't know what tools to hire!

Should I get a turfing company in who state 'lawns renovated' or should I get a garden 'designer' in- though I don't need them to design it as I know what I want?!!

Your thoughts are welcome!

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