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What's this plant?

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WigWamBam Sun 14-May-06 10:11:55

Shrub, about 4' tall, open branches, leaves very much like a rhododendron leaf but much smaller and appear to be deciduous, yellow flower looks like a giant sized honeysuckle (circle of long, narrow trumpet-type flowers) and smells absolutely gorgeous.

Are there such things as lonicera shrubs? I've only ever come across the climbers, but the flower and the smell of this plant are really honeysuckly.

It's planted at dd's school and I've asked the gardener but it was planted before his time and he doesn't know what it is.

SoupDragon Sun 14-May-06 10:16:14

There is such a thing as a "shrubby honeysuckle" as my mother calls them (at least she does when talking to the horticulturally challenged like me )

WigWamBam Sun 14-May-06 10:26:39

Maybe it is honeysuckle then ... never come across a shrubby one before though!

Looks nothing like a honeysuckle apart from the flowers, it looks just like a sparsely-branched rhododendron.

And I really, really have to have one

chestnutty Sun 14-May-06 21:14:16

Just a guess but lilacs flower at this time of year and you can get yellow ones that smell nice. or it could be a honeysuckle, my parents had a shrubby one too tha that smelt lovely.

WigWamBam Mon 15-May-06 10:58:08

It's definitely not a lilac, the flower is completely different. It does look like a large honeysuckle flower so that's probably what it is ... looked in the garden centres at the weekend but couldn't find anything that looked right though.

merlotmama Fri 19-May-06 00:04:12

I have this one, too. It's an azalea - so it is a rhododendron - possibly rhododendron luteum? It has a lovely perfume at this time of year.

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